Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tied up on Tuesday

So its been non stop high stress here lately and the one thing that gave was blogging. I had a really hard long day Saturday. I was blindsided at work and overwhelmed to boot. Daddy was super nice to me after work and we went upstairs finally alone and he made me cum over over till the stresses of the day melted away. Sunday I was prepared for another long day. The fact I was prepared for it made it go smoother and I was far less stressed so I met Daddy at the coffee pot and made naughty comments about what I wanted to do to his cock. I am a girl of my word. I wanted to let him know that I appreciated the tenderness I received after a long hard day. 

Monday was uneventful work wise things calmed considerably. We hung out cuddled had really awesome sex. Ok its always awesome. He actually commented on how I have my own little technique for sucking his cock that is uniquely mine. He said its like I studied his reactions and adjusted accordingly. Which brings to mind the comment I recently received on my blog I have been pondering what to do with lol. Would I reply in my usual smartass way or would I just delete it. He wants to have me read his book on cock sucking and Daddy went to his page and lets just say it was a little to blow me bitch and then leave. I can have you making the ladies beg to suck your cock is his promise. Our relationship is so much deeper than that. I think Jack errored on 2 points. First this is about TTWD which does indeed involve sucking cock but lets face it that's such a tiny fraction of what we are about. Second he picked lil ole me with all of 18 followers not much of a base to start promoting the best book on how to get her to suck cock lol. 

So that brings us to tie me up Tuesday. OMG can I just say I so needed it. The sexy restraints and the belt and off I was to my happy place. He snuck that dang ginger in which I wasn't expecting at all damn him lol. It really starts of mild but man the building sensation can get overwhelming when a girl gets surprised like that. So now that I have been bound, beaten and destressed I am ready to face another week. 


  1. Babygirl I got a request to review a book on cocksucking, too...it came in email form tho so I didn't see his page. I wonder if it's the same guy! I was kind of creeped out by it considering I don't think I've ever even talked about cock sucking on my blog lol

  2. LOL seems he is making the rounds. It made Daddy laugh and he said simply lets not go there. It was one of those i can teach how to get her to drive 5 hours to suck your cock. I laughed at how seriously he took himself. The cock sucking guru lmao.

  3. Jack is totally making the rounds, I've seen a couple comments of his on other blogs, and he sent me an email too.

    I told him for myself, it didn't make much sense to review a general guide to fellatio, since BDSM practitioners tend to express how they want things anyway.

    I've since read a review on http://www.spiritualbdsm.com/ that said it was quite helpful in some ways.

    I suppose it's all an individual thing. :)