Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spare the rod.......

So back to blogging with a lack of things to blog about can pose a problem lol. I guess the problem isn't so much having nothing to blog about as its trying to figure out where to start. Well we are still on the non smoking trail. 2 months pretty good. We are feeling healthier but still the whole life thing can wear you out, down and just plain exhaust you. We want to be everything to each other who doesn't we just cant figure out how to get the rest of the world to cooperate. 

So we have been so busy and at night we fall into the bed wondering what our names even are some nights. We give each other the this wont go on forever pep talks as needed. I just don't want to be that pouty whiny person that is going hey me what about me lol. I don't want to foot stomp.  The running joke around here lately is........ is that a spanking offence lol. I sometimes tease i could burn the whole dang house down and not get one. The whole idea that one might want one sort of defeats the purpose.. this pain slut sometimes just needs the release i guess. 

I need order and discipline in my life. When I am not getting it for whatever reason I tend to come apart at the seams. That's never good. I really do feel lost and then I finally might have earned a spanking and my back starts to hurt and its not going to happen. I want to cry in frustration how can things be so damn messed up. Then add insult to injury aunt flow comes to visit. I am already feeling needy and pouty and now we add crampy and hormonal. I just plain give up lol. 

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  1. Thanks for checking in...just happened to see this post!


    P.S. congrats on how well you're doing on the no smoking!