Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Stop is Start again not so much...

I stopped blogging for a number of reasons. Mostly it was kids home up my proverbial ass all day long watching my every move. Then it was the winter blues. This isn't to say I stopped being a submissive. I just didn't write because it so wasn't sexy. There was a point where a child was home for 2 weeks almost, whimpering whining sick and that was just when I started my new adventure in quitting smoking. Yes you read that right I quit smoking. Daddy was also sick and smoking way to much so he said he should quit and I said great lets do it. It has been almost 2 months now. No I didn't cheat and I didn't pout or whine. Not a single spanking or punishment doled out it wasn't about that. It was about us both getting healthy so we could start acting like a pair of teenagers lol. 

So in a previous blog I mentioned our little hideaway and how it was being abandoned for the winter. Well winter is over spring weather is here and first thing Daddy did was get us back out there where we can be alone and make a little noise or just sit and eat candy and talk about the day... yes you quit smoking you eat everything that isn't nailed down. We both gained a little lol. When you spent so much time smoking you actually realize how much of your day was devoted to it. So we are back on track feeling healthier. I am back to blogging. As this blog was about me my submission and I said at the beginning its not where I am going to whine cry and pout about life. Lets face it life is what happens while you making plans...

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  1. Congrats on the no smoking you've got going on:)! That's a big accomplishment and welcome back to blogging, as well.