Sunday, February 5, 2012

PMS = Potential Murder Suspect

Yes here we are that time of the month again you could set your watch by my mood. Aunt flow came to visit. Isn't that the cutesiest  term for something that can leave you a ball of raging hormones. Daddy usually keeps the house stocked with chocolate for just such occasions. He also has baked me brownie pudding which is to die for. It is a very rich dessert and I should post the recipe its not for the faint of heart with 2 sticks of butter 2 cups of sugar and like 6 eggs. Though let me tell you put them together with a little cocoa and you have heaven in a bowl. 

Now in order to get brownie pudding I have to be a really good girl. One time he said good girls get the brownie pudding and bad girls will wind up with jello lol. I was like your kidding right. Nope apparently he wasn't as the next morning sitting untouched was a whole bowl of jello. 

So how does one earn brownie pudding? She begs that's how. Its actually kind of  hot the way he makes me come out of my comfort zone. Daddy loves to hear me beg. Begging to have him fuck me is so damn delicious.  When its anal and he knows I want it and how hard it is for me to even admit it let alone beg for it. He can make me do things and say things that no other man ever could. Simply because he is my Daddy in all ways. 


  1. when I read the subject I headed right over, I love a good murder mystery. Thank you for the new PMS term!
    The brownies sound delicious!! I am sure if they are as good as you make them sound I am sure there will be plenty of around begging for some!
    Have a great evening!

    1. well no mystery to solve here lol. Everyone lived thru it yet again lol.