Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Opening up?? maybe I might

Daddy has asked me if it took so long for me to admit I am a little pain slut. What else am i keeping locked away? He said he really wants to know it all and that I can tell him anyway I feel  comfortable. Well the problem is I don't know why but I clam up when it comes such things. Now I don't any bizarre fetishes that would make him squick. 

I do love when he shows that sadistic side. I am sitting here with a couple of little bruises from yesterday's play. Had I known he was holding back I would have mentioned it so much earlier. I guess the lesson learned here is sometimes in order to get what you need you have to speak up. I am going to give it a honest try being a little more open about what i need. I often think he has his hands far more full than he realizes. 

We actually sat down yesterday and watched "The story of "O". It was interesting to say the least. There were parts of it I can honestly say did nothing for me. I did however like how it was portrayed. There was no real seediness to it. It was just what they did. It  is quite impressive for the time it was made.  

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