Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time out...

Yes I on occasion get a time out. Daddy has his own method for giving me a time out. I actually rather like it. Yesterday after work he took me upstairs and chained me by one leg cuff to the bed. He has done this before. Its actually very calming. I read, and hung out with the kitten. I am just not allowed off the bed. I spent 3 hours this way. It really can set your mind right. Its not a punishment as much as its permission to just check out and chill for a bit. 

I actually have changed jobs in the last 6 months. Same work different company. I actually said to Daddy last night this new job unsettles me and I get very frustrated because of one simple thing. Structure there is none. I need that and the lack of it throws me off kilter in all aspects of my life. There were procedures and information flowed at my last company. This new one you pretty much show up do what you want and leave no information or feedback. Then you get an email from my lovely boss who honestly has no tact. When you open an email from your employer and read the words. You are just ignorant; not sent directly to me, but to all the staff,  you wonder.

So yes after dealing with uncertainty and idiocy all day. I need a time out. I do appreciate that he allows me this little indulgence. He has suggested its time I schedule a mental health day. Take a day off and spend it just being Daddy's little girl. I am on board with that idea. I sometimes think I need a mental health week. 


  1. Your employer sounds charming...NOT!

    Glad you feel better now.


  2. Yes very charming isn't she. I won't even kid myself into thinking its because she is overworked. That kind of charm is embedded.