Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I am naked?!?!

Wonder what Freud would say about this? I have been having a reaccuring dream that I find myself in really social and awkward situations naked. Noticeably naked and feeling embarrassed and reaching for something to cover myself. Why I would be strolling through the mall totally naked and only realizing it when someone sees me is the question. This is a dream I have often and though I do walk around unabashedly naked in front of Daddy I don't think I have the least little bit of exhibitionism in me at all. 

So on a more interesting note. This happened while I was totally awake. Daddy said earlier in the day I bought myself some bondage and this girl is a bondage slut for sure. So when he later was saying he was not feeling well and he was tired. I automatically assumed that said plans were to be put on hold. He tells me often not to guess. As lets face it if given 2 options I will pick the wrong one almost every time lol. So when he comes upstairs and I am not wearing my favorite restraints he eyes me and says well why are they not on. Then I do the shrug. Well you said you weren't feeling well and I was kindly giving you an out. I am so thoughtful that way. 

So usually bondage for me is face down ass in the right position for a proper beating. Much to my surprise Daddy opted for face up which had me intrigued to say the least. He starts working my clit and it takes no time at all to get me writhing in pleasure. Then he starts working his fingers in starting with one and then two. This is when he decides we should talk about the possibility of fisting.  Now I am cumming like crazy and he has all 4 of his fingers in me when he smacks my pussy and well off I went good thing i was tied down lol. After he let me catch my breath and untied me. He brought it up again. He said though he couldn't at this point fist me. It is something he would like to work towards...... then he says not just your pussy either. That's when I started to panic a little. Uhm ok I said now at least my pussy has had 3 children come from there so a fist should not be terribly damaging done right. He says omg I think you would love it and cum like you never have before. 

So me being the total wise ass looked at him and said. My brain, my mouth, my ass and left tit all voted no on fisting my ass. He looked at me curiously and said what your right tit is all for it then. I said no the right one abstained because it heard you were a pincher. So on a much more serious note its something to work up to maybe something we might never be successful at sure but oh the fun to be had trying. I guess I am not saying no I am just saying lets wait and see how she goes. 

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