Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And She Returns...

I would love to say I haven't blogged because I was all tied up but alas no. We had some personal issues and bumps in the road and I promised myself this blog would not turn into a I hate my life diatribe so I stopped writing. 

We seem to be back on track. I do know a combination of things have kept our focus on other things. I am hoping that we can again find ourselves and again enjoy time together. Daddy has so much on his plate and I sometimes feel I am another chore for him to take care of. Where did the fun go is what I asked him. We are supposed to be having fun at this. We need us time. 

We have gotten back into it. Daddy has a whole new zeal for it. I am just glad to have him back. We are again talking which everyone knows is the first and most important part of all this. Though I am still having issues asking for what I need. I have been trying. I told him I need more. More what is the question. More hands on. I do love his hands on me. I did ask if we could explore some things. Like I appear to be a pain slut. I would love to delve into that a little more. Apparently I have also developed an appreciation for anal sex. Though I guess I have always secretly wanted more the idea of asking for more made me blush to say the least. Good girls don't do that and mamma raised a good girl here. Apparently good girls can beg for it under the right conditions. When he gets me to that point I am totally his. That's what I need sometimes to just be able to let go and say what I want or beg as the case may be. 

I think begging is so damn hot. I love it. There is something so erotic about saying please Daddy... and knowing he will gladly oblige me. That's how its been for the last few days. Me just being able to let go and beg for it. So I am back and blogging. Daddy said when I was ready to return to blogland it was up to me. He seemed to like being able to read it and get a little insight into what really goes on in my over active mind. 

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