Monday, January 23, 2012

You should have said so..

So I had a dirty little secret. One I have been keeping to myself mostly because honestly I didn't want to freak him out. Lets face it sometimes you do sit there and think to yourself what the hell is wrong with me for getting off on this anyway. Or at least that thought goes through my head often enough. 

I, of course, confess this little secret not in a calm rational here it is kind of way. I blurt it out in a moment of anger. The problem being Daddy never forgets a word of what I say so it came back to haunt me. 

The big secret I revealed to Daddy was the need for pain. He has the quiet take care of you Dom approach. There are times he lets things slide because I am having such a rough day. While honestly inside I was crying out for it. Needing him to not go easy on me at all but in fact the complete opposite. 

So as I said my words came back to haunt me as always. He got out the cane. He beat my ass hard for no other reason than because I needed it. I actually had an orgasm while he beat me. I also squirted when he fucked me after. Hard the way he knows I love it. So my secret is out.  Daddy simply said "Well you should have said so." I am a little relieved and a little sore today.

I actually felt the need to apologize feeling like this somehow made me defective. The only thing that made me feel better was all the like minded bloggers who seek the same thing in different forms. I may think myself a freak sometimes but I am heartened I am not alone. 

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