Saturday, December 17, 2011

Megan is Missing a review of sorts

Well we heard about this movie called "Megan is Missing". The premise is based on actual events. With some poetic licence and adding several cases together. So we saw somewhere someone we knew watched and it freaked them out. So we first went to see the synopsis online. The write up said its a horror movie with some open talk about blow jobs. That there was a rape scene you didn't see anything but her face and his hands. So they made it sound pretty tame honestly. 

The truth though. There were 2 girls. Megan you only know goes missing and not what really happened to her. There are 2 fetish photos that were allegedly found online that were quite disturbing when you consider the age of the girl. Then the second girl who is Megan's friend disappears and all of what happens to her was put on video using the cam she got for her Birthday. The rape scene though shows very little gets the point across in a disturbing way. The reason I guess it was so disturbing to me is one it wasn't some glitzy glam movie. It was more alas Blair Witch Project. 

What was also a little shocking was how openly sexual these 14 year old girls were. How the blow job described was actually in many ways non consensual. This movie made me want to cry. It was pretty horrific. The end was almost to much to take. If you come across this movie its not suitable for children in my opinion. This movie takes TTWD and perverts it and it really shook me up I guess. Which is why I am blogging about it.  

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  1. As you well know, I follow a lot of the type of cases this movie was based on, the "actual events" were actually taken from a number of different cases, just like Hannibal Lecter in "silence of the lambs" was really the characteristics of numerous real serial killers all wrapped up into one. Sadly, the impression this movie gives is the one most vanillas have of our lifestyle.