Sunday, December 4, 2011


So we are laying in bed this morning and Daddy says "What would you like to do tomorrow?" I said what would you like to do tomorrow. He says well its 9 years since I collared you tomorrow. Now I knew that had even been thinking about it myself. I was just not caffeinated yet. 

That's why I love him I never have to remind him. He never forgets our anniversary. So after giving it some thought I finally told him what I would like to do for our anniversary. I am not nearly as sentimental as he is. Though he is rubbing off on me and the joke is because we do lots of rubbing lol.

So I asked Daddy if we could renew our contract sort of a renewal of our vows. When we started out we were Master slave and as our relationship has changed its time to reflect that. I also suggested we could have copious amounts of sex as well. 

Happy Anniversary Daddy! 

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  1. copious: yielding something abundantly.... that sounds about right lol.

    Happy Anniversary babygirl!