Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drop Fall Crash Bang!

All of those happened. I just read my blog post from yesterday. I am surprised it made any sense at all. I was totally useless yesterday I am glad nobody asked me my name lol. 

Talk about reaching the sky and then plummeting back to earth with no parachute. That's how I feel today. Like coming back from a long trip. A very pleasant happy trip and back to reality. I wanted to stay there I didn't want to come back. I feel like I was drug back kicking and screaming. Then its trying to explain it. That's what Daddy wants feedback. 

Ok so feedback. My first reply to that was holy batman that was the most intense awesome your a total God experience. That's not even an exaggeration. The problem is I don't remember the details not now anyway snippets maybe but I was so far gone the world stopped. I am a woman I deal in feelings and it felt like an almost out of body experience. 

Daddy says he felt a drop too and a little out of sorts. I am far more interested myself in what he got out of it. I guess I didn't want to go to that place alone. He rocked my world. Shook the very foundation. All I need to know is that he got something out of it besides having to drag me kicking and screaming back to reality. 

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