Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bah Humbug

The Christmas season is upon us again. I loathe Christmas honestly. The whole meaning has been lost in my opinion. People flock to the malls spending what they cant afford. Trying to impress children who are only happy when things have a high price tag.

Where has the Christmas spirit gone. I have fond memories as a child of receiving hand made gifts. My grandmother was a master at all things crafty. We had gingerbread houses that belonged on a magazine cover. She always made me dill pickles. I always loved finding that little treat under my tree. She made our Christmas every year with all her warmth and her little extra touches. We didn't get high price tagged store bought items. 

I had a sock monkey as a kid. It was something my grandmother made for me. Imagine trying to pass this off to today's technology hungry children. "But mom what does it do?" would be what you would expect to hear now a days. No bells no whistles just cute and made with love.I loved my sock monkey. I loved my grandmother. She is missed always. Though at Christmas I miss her the most. 


  1. I had one. I loved my sock monkey, better than any doll I ever had. My grandma made mine too.

  2. They were so cute weren't they. My grandmother was your Norman Rockwell grandmother. Everyone should have had one. She taught me how to knit and crochet which was no easy feat as I am left handed.