Friday, December 2, 2011

For an Audience

Well blogging has brought about a lot of talking. How much do I want to share. How descriptive do I want to get. Does Daddy get a complex because his activities are put on display for everyone to read. 

This morning I was sucking on his cock. Me, being the smart ass that I am, stopped and asked him "So how do you feel about me blogging about sucking your cock?" He said he has no issues with what I write because I am tactful and its my blog. So when he finally came. he said "I feel like I just came for an audience." lol. 

Fortunately Daddy isn't shy like I am. If he were to start his own blog. I would probably blush a lot. He isn't afraid to share or speak frankly. Sometimes I still blush when he says something offhanded. He says its cute cause even my ears turn red. 

I also find my blogging has also given him more insight. He gets to read what I am thinking. Though for every blog entry he usually gets an email that has more intimate details or more insight. Communication is the key. What works what doesn't. We have been doing a lot of talking. Which we had stopped doing for awhile. Got comfortable in the same ole routines. Changing things up and bring back a little spontaneity is good.  


  1. Your openess and your Daddy's is a charm that should never be taken for granted.You are lucky.

  2. Oh I am one lucky little girl and I know it. He is my friend, my lover, and my Daddy. We laugh together. We take care of each other. Life isn't always rosy but I know push come to shove. He will always be there.

  3. My husband feels like that sometimes too - for a while he wouldn't read my blog because he said he would feel like he was performing for an audience. I think he's over it now though. Funny enough I don't mind a bit being completely explicit on my blog... but in person it's a little harder.