Monday, December 12, 2011

A Virtue...

Patience is a virtue. Sadly I am not all that patient. We did  talk and I do feel silly. Sometimes walking around trying to guess what the other person is thinking just doesn't work. You have to ask out right. Walking around in a pouty mode solves nothing. 

So after we talked I realized sometimes things just happen and plans change. I just sometimes wish I could be notified of said changes lol. We often joke we share the same brain. We often answer the same questions with the same answers at the very same time. We aren't always in sync though. So communication is still always key. I do feel better after talking and he said its never wrong to say what I am feeling. We both have a perspective. The key is to listen to the other as well.

While we were talking I also mentioned to Daddy I joined the Spanking Bloggers Network. He asked me " Does this mean there will be a line at the door waiting to spank you now?" My reply was "Oh the first one should be here Tuesday." lol. 

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