Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time to abdicate...

Big word abdicate lol. I am ready to toss away the tiara. Unless of course I can still be his little princess. I really don't want to thought of as the queen. All proper and stuck up. I want to be that fun loving little girl he enjoys. 

Well I have had a little time to think about this. I think I am ready to bare all. That was the whole point of this blog anyway. Stepping out of my comfort zone just a little. Saying the things I am thinking without embarrassment. I mean its just words right. Its not like they will bite me lol. Daddy does bite though there is this one spot on my neck if he gets it just right well holy orgasm lol.

So on the grounded front. I am becoming complacent. I have stopped asking for things. Mostly because I felt like a nuisance  (which oddly was my father's pet name for me as a child) always looking at  him with a question. Sometimes Daddy feels questioned to death as it is. He hasn't commented on this either. 

I want to be the good girl on this one. I really do. I just am not sure which is the right way to go. I am not going to stomp around going look at me. I don't want to put him on the defensive on this either. Which can happen when you are coming off as some super needy chick. Alas that is what I am really a needy chick. 

He does take care of me in small ways that makes me realize that even distracted he still thinks of me. Like having my breakfast in the oven this morning waiting for me. I also take care of him in small ways. I guess it cant be fireworks all the time. Lets face it fireworks are damn exciting.

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