Friday, December 9, 2011

The Belt...

What is it about the belt? It has been in many a masturbatory fantasy. Its not just the belt though really its the whole experience. Daddy taking off the belt off. That sound so enticing. Now it was as I said the fuel for many a fantasy. Long before I ever met Daddy. One often wonders if the fantasy will hold up real time. Well this particular not only lived up but exceeded expectations. 

The whole you have been a very bad girl and Daddy is going to punish you scenario. When Daddy gets out the belt. I am really in for it. I have actually orgasmed while he has taken the belt to me. Which was totally hot. Daddy's attitude is pretty simple I am going to take it and I am going to love every minute of it.

Though I have liked a lot of different kinds of spankings. The belt is always a favorite. I have a pretty tough little ass Daddy says. The belt has left some marks though. Which oddly I enjoy. The only down side to the belt is the noise factor. So its usually saved for when we are alone. Think it might be time to work on soundproofing a room lol. 

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