Monday, December 5, 2011

If brains were nickels...

These people would be broke. I work for and with the terminally stupid. I actually work in a unique environment. I guess you could say my job description is customer service, entertainment, and tech support. All from the comfort of my own home. Which sounds terrific til you have kids lol. Thankfully I am known as the multitasking queen. 

I often wonder how I managed to find myself trying to entertain people all day long. Amuse them I do. Usually I can see the same people my whole shift. They ask the same stupid questions over and over day after day. 

Today I just don't feel entertaining. I don't want to listen to them whine. I want to just close it all down and crawl back into bed. My sinuses are acting up and my eyes are all puffy which makes staring at a screen trying to think of something witty just beyond me today. 

Ok sorry for the whine fest guess these people are wearing on me lol. Come back tomorrow hopefully i will have something more positive to say. 

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