Sunday, December 11, 2011


That's how I feel today. Just about ready to trip over my bottom lip. It's not a pretty sight at all. Things tend to get side tracked for real life. I am feeling like I am again asking to much of him while he has 100 things on his mind. 

Maybe that's my problem not his. Sometimes I hang off his every word. He will say something in passing that will quite honestly make me perk. Then I tend to think about it all day. Then my expectations get the better of me. When it doesn't happen I start to question everything. Well what did I do now to not get what you said you were going to do? I don't remind him cause that actually feels awkward. Did he just get caught up in other things and forget? Was he just kidding with me and I  put to much into it. I guess my biggest issue is honestly I don't deal with confusion. It also doesn't help that I don't often communicate my needs with any real clarity either. 

This is where I wind up lol. Pouting because I feel like I missed something somewhere. Something has escaped me. Oh well back to work I go pouting while I do. I am sure we will discuss it and I will wind up feeling silly. 

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