Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold Bubbly and a Toasty Tush

That's how we celebrated our anniversary. Hard to believe we have been together for 9 years. What isn't as hard to believe is how much I still love him. I am still always happy to see him walk in the door. 

These have been some interesting years. We have had our trials, our tribulations but through it all we hung tight together. The man did set the bar pretty high from the very beginning and after 9 years he can still surprise me. 

Sometimes I think being D/s has only made us stronger. The foundation of our relationship is always there. When outside pressures seep in and life gets in the way. There is a comfort there for me  knowing that at the end of the day, which I still say is my favorite part of the day, I will be cuddled in his arms safe and secure. We really do try not to let anything interfere with our time.

So for our anniversary even mother nature was cooperative. We got to sneak out to our little hide away as we have had some rather mild weather as of late. So as noise wasn't an issue which it sometimes is. We were able to really enjoy our time together. This man knows how to spank some ass. He knows exactly what gets me hot. He knows my combination so to speak lol. Two to the right one to the left and off I go lol. I love that he knows me so well. 

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