Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spanking the Queen...

Where is my tiara? I seem to have lost it. Well that's how Daddy describes spanking me. Like I am this super classy proper chick who likes a good spanking. Most men want a lady they can take out who's a real slut in the bedroom. 

So we have been at this 9 years now and I still have this mental block. Its not that I think I am to good or proper to talk like a total slut. I just can't seem to ever get the words out. We aren't the type of couple who plays once in awhile either. I have a list of bondage furniture that would make most ladies envious. So why this mental block. I have seen in chat rooms where women openly talk about how much they love to suck cock. How they seem to only want to discuss their last sexual encounter in full detail. Why am I such a prude when it comes to talking about sex. Trust me we have had some pretty hard core sessions but my attitude afterwards is always shhhh! lets not talk about it lol. 

Now this little quirk,mental block or whatever you want to call it probably doesn't result from a repressed childhood. Sex was openly discussed sometimes inappropriately and at the most inappropriate times lol. Like at the dinner table. My mother wasn't shy on the subject at all. My father would have not been so open. 

Actually when I started this blog I wondered if I would again suffer this mental block. It appears to be the case. Why can't I be explicit? Would anyone read my drivel if I don't toss in the gory details? Should that even matter? 

Poor Daddy, who has given me more than one blog title, is probably afraid to say anything ever again lol. I often ask him how he puts up with me when I can be such an uptight prude. Why after all this time can't I go there. He has certainly done plenty of interesting things to me which I thoroughly enjoyed. I want to give him the whole package though. I want to be able to say what I am thinking. I surely have no problem letting him know what I am thinking on any other topic. 

Daddy says tomorrows topic is figging and fisting....So glad the man has a sense of humor otherwise he wouldn't be able to put up with me at all lol.

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