Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The day after Tuesday lol

 Lets just say no blog entry yesterday I was all tied up. Well he said he was going to punish me. The man was true to his word. I am sure I got more than I deserved and exactly what I deserved. He actually surprised me. Which after all this time isn't the easiest to do lol. He did something he knows I don't like yesterday afternoon and I, much to my surprise, fully submitted. 

Then last night all bets were off. He has been tossing around the idea of ginger. We have discussed it and I always balked at the idea. Lets not go there. Well apparently last night he decided with my behavior last week it was time to go there. I never saw it coming. Which probably helped lol. The experience was very interesting to say the least. I begged. I pleaded. I cried. I had multiple orgasms. It was intense but not as intense as I expected. Probably due to the whole zone I was in. Daddy has kept me pretty pliable the last few days. 

So today I feel relaxed and in my happy place. Thank you Daddy for knowing that what I want sometimes isn't what I need. 

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