Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sincerely Yours

Daddy and I were talking and he said what he loves most about me is I am devoted. He said no matter what it is there is sincerity in everything that I do whether its a back rub or a blow job. Its obvious to him that I am not just trying to please him there is something I get out of doing it.  

Even when life gets crazy and nothing is going right. My first concern is always him. How he is coping and is there anything I can do to elevate some of the pressure. We are like any other couple there are waves. The whole relationship ebbs and flows. Sometimes its not rosy. Even in the rough times when we aren't pleased with things there is still an underline of mutual respect and caring. 

What Daddy doesn't realize sometimes is that its easy to be sincere. With all he gives me in return, that it all balances out. Submission isn't something I do for him alone. There is a need in me that he brings out. 

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