Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moody and Cranky

Today I am just in a mood and cranky. You know the kind of day where every little thing makes you snarl and growl. I didn't want to work but I muddled thru got it done and feel no sense of accomplishment whatsoever. Was not in the mood to entertain or suffer thru small talk. Most of the time I have plenty to say I can yammer on and keep them entertained for hours. This trait isn't one of Daddy's fav's he prefers quiet. This is something I have to work at most days trying not to talk his ear off about things that are really not very important at all. 

Though lately its been less about work and more about oh look at this blog entry or hey read this one its an interesting read. He has been very supportive of  my new blogging adventure because its opening the lines of communication where things had gone quiet for awhile. I am encouraged to show him things that interest me. 

Today I am restless and nothing is holding my attention. Tonight when we finally get some alone time maybe focusing on him fully and completely will change my mood. 


  1. Is it raining where you are? Because your day sounds something like mine....grey skies make me moody. i'll wish you nice alone time...the teenagers are making that impossible for us, being sick. Have some fun for me, would ya?


  2. Oh yes its cold and wet and winter is coming. Then there are the delightful hormones. So what I need is some chocolate and Daddy's company that usually goes a long way.

  3. It's cold and miserable where I am too. I hope you snap out of it. :)

    I love your header image!