Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes you read that right. Well I am officially grounded totally reigned in. Have to ask for everything. Even this blog post. How does one get grounded. I went off the deep end really. I got  drunk and let loose like an insane person. I ranted I raved. I was not only loud and obnoxious. I was down right cruel. Now this isn't my nature but you put me pissy and a bottle of booze together and that adds up to disaster on a huge scale. 

I took a simple little comment and turned it into an hour and half long tirade. He was tired and I took a personal affront to the way he presented it to me. Now I feel like shit because you cant take back all the mean things you say. I am totally embarrassed by my outburst. 

So what does Daddy do? Gives me more instead of less. He is taking total control for awhile. I will be required to ask for everything. He suggested this is going to be more than a few days. I deserve this and more for my actions. I know he will punish me as hard and as often as he desires. 

I being me want to thank him for this. I expected rejection which is how i got in this mess in the first place letting my insecurities  run a muck as well as my mouth. 

Any blog posts will be by permission only for awhile. 

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