Saturday, November 12, 2011

Daddy knows...

Daddy knows exactly how to make his little girl purr like a kitten and he enjoys it. Daddy always picks out which panties I am going to wear with the intention of pulling them down at days end. All day yesterday he whispered naughty things in my ear that made me purr. How once everything got settled and we were finally alone these panties were coming down. He teases me the anticipation building  all day long. Saying how sexy his ass is and how tonight he is going to have it.

So finally the kids are settled the dogs have been put out and everything is done and the day is finally over. It has always been my favorite part of the day because I finally get my Daddy and all to myself. I love to watch him undress and I myself strip down to only panties because that is one of Daddy's little pleasures removing them himself (he also buys them for me we joke he buys all my panties from the take them down rack). We crawl into bed and I am all giggly and we cuddle and just chat about the day. We always spend time talking about the days events even when things didn't appear very eventful.

Then after all the small talk he says the words that I wanted to hear all day. Get your bottom up for me and let me see what's mine. I giggle and eagerly get up on all fours I have been a good girl all day and Daddy is pleased with me so this is all about fun tonight.

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