Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanks for sharing...

I am new to the blog scene and starting my own little blogging adventure. So I decided to look at other blogs and see what other people are sharing. I am amazed at all the insight I have gotten so far in only a few short days. Thank you all you fellow pervy bloggers who let us peek into your world. 

This new insight has prompted a new discussion with Daddy. How much do I want to share of myself to others who so freely share of themselves. Daddy says be yourself and don't go out of your comfort zone. My reply is what if I want to get out of my comfort zone a little with this new project. What if that is what drew me to blog in the first place. I am often teased for being a prude for not being able to express my needs in a concise way. For not being able to just come out and say it. I hint and nudge and beat around the bush and am surprisingly shy about expressing my own needs. Then as I started to look at others and how open they were not only about their sexuality but about how they feel about themselves their lives and not always about submission made me realize that my holding back is not helping. 

So thank  you fellow bloggers you are not blogging in vain someone somewhere might find comfort and insight in your shared thoughts. I know I will continue to read and learn. 

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  1. When i first started to blog, i never expected anyone but Master to read my drivel; now i've made virtual and real friends, and learned so much! the blogging has helped me grow, and understand myself and who and what i am. i hope it does the same for you! Welcome to the blog-o-verse!

    ps. all the red in your page drew me like a hummingbird...i love your layout!