Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well it is Tuesday!

This is close to the set of cuffs Daddy got me. Mine aren't padded but they are sexy black and red cuffs and collar that he had custom ordered just for me. 

Today he tells me to go put them on. So I head upstairs and put them on and they feel great. He also has me place pillows in the middle of the bed to raise my ass up the way he likes. Then he has me lay face down and proceeds to restrain me to the bed. 

I love the feeling of being restrained. I also know that I am in for a good thrashing. Daddy is very serious about the rules. When he wants something he expects it done. Or as he likes to say its my ass. He starts with his hand warming me up. Then he gets the paddle and that makes me yelp and squirm. Then he reaches for the belt. The belt I have a love hate relationship with. The first swing lands hard and makes me shriek. Then he brings it down on my thighs and I know he means business. Once he is done and has released me. He says well lets go back down stairs. I smiled and said guess I should put some clothes on. His response was no don't I have 40 minutes of molest you time before I have to go out. 

I'm starting to like Tuesdays again.

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