Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sexy and a Sandwich too.

I am comfortable with who I am and how I look. So I don't look like a super model but then again I am not afraid to eat a sandwich either. What I realized is super models are called that because well lets be honest they are not the norm. They are what 1% of the population and everyone strives to be like them. 

Daddy says I have a bad self image and I disagree. I just have a self deprecating sense of humor is all. I can laugh at myself. Before I met Daddy i confess I was totally self conscious. My ex never saw me naked and all sex was after dark with the lights off. The 2 times Daddy and I had sex in the dark was due to power outages lol. I have no problem strolling around naked now. This is more because Daddy makes me feel sexy. 

I do grumble sometimes about my hair or having hips like a hippo. Everyone has bad hair days. I think I am having a bad hair year lol. I don't walk around counting calories. I could diet for years and not get any taller. I was not built like a super model and I don't look at them with envy. I am comfortable in my own skin. Far more than I used to be.  


  1. I still have trouble with the lights on! But I agree it's important to accept ourselves and not feel inadequate when compared to the (totally) unrealistic models in the media. You have a great attitude, great Daddy, and I bet a fantastic, sexy body.

  2. i have had three babies, and it shows. Does Master care? Not a whit...and i don't either.