Thursday, November 17, 2011

We aren't making a movie...

Okay so no its not a movie and there is no script. They do call it a scene for a reason. The mood the overall feel of it has to be there. There is a part of me that craves that whole interaction. Daddy punishing his little girl with all the strong words and feelings that would come from it. There is a real power exchange there and sometimes you need to be able to just let go.

The desire to beg, plead and mean every word of it. That is something I think can only be accomplished for me personally when Daddy is not trying to please me as much as he is doing it for himself. There is a moment where you know a tangible moment when you feel it. He is totally in his own zone. Where what he says resonates because its not an act or a script its real and genuine. That is when I can let go myself. 

That's my biggest struggle letting go and just being me and trusting that he loves me not in spite of my little quirks and kinks but because of them.


  1. Ah...that moment, i know what you're referring to, and i agree, it is precious. Master says that my damage is part of what He loves about me...but it's easier to believe that when i've descended into that space...does that make sense?


  2. Makes perfect sense.It's what makes you who you are.