Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Addiction

I have one addiction. One thing that I must have.It's coffee. I don't want it foaming. I don't want it flavored either. If I want pumpkin pie I will order it on the side not drink it. I am a coffeeaholic for sure. Two pots every day and on the really rough long days it can even be three. Daddy is a coffee drinker too but it keeps him up if he drinks it to late. He often jokes when he is headed to the coffee pot at 8pm that he will be up all night and expects to be kept entertained. I on the other hand could drink a cup in bed at night and still sleep soundly.

Daddy has threatened to cut my coffee drinking down. He even has gone so far as to use it to get what he wants from me. When he says do it or no coffee for a whole day. I say ok you wouldn't do that to me you love me. Try me he says. That's all I need to hear because I instantly give in. Don't take away my coffee. 

1 comment:

  1. French Roast, Sumatra, Kona, Columbia...aahhhhh. Thank the Lady Master has never considered coffee deprivation as a punishment!!!