Friday, November 18, 2011


I got snarky this morning. Down right mouthy and well poor Daddy isn't a morning person to begin with. Mornings are hectic here and he juggles 3 things all while trying to wake up. So he leaves the house irritated with me. Which throws off my whole day. His day as well.

You would think after all these years I would learn to leave him alone in the morning. This is his biggest pet peeve and its something I am really working on. This morning however him telling me to just go back to bed hurt my feelings. Then I am off like a rocket which admittedly makes things worse.  Sometimes I just get my hackles up. He loves me and when he says go back to bed its not intended to hurt my feelings. He just needs to get himself together. 

So Daddy when you read this just know I am sorry.

P.S. The minute I hit send on this blog entry. Daddy comes strolling in the door quite unexpectedly. Tells me to get my ass upstairs and I am over his knee. Thank you Daddy I needed that.

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