Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tie me up Tuesday

So it's Tuesday my one day off all week. Yes you can be a sex kitten and be employed full time. I work from home and while I am supposed to be working I find myself surfing the net reading blogs and  pretty much goofing off if I am not terribly busy. The perk  working from home is the boss isn't going to walk in on you while you are perving some naughty blog or trying to find just the right pic to post. 

Tuesday's are just for me though. No work allowed when you get one day off the last thing you want to do is check your email and find out someone needs help. When things weren't so hectic Tuesday could have been called Tie me up Tuesday. As Daddy has arranged to be free on Tuesday. We are slowly getting back into our routine and hopefully our Tuesday rituals will pick up again. 

Bondage is delicious nothing feels better than struggling a little and realizing you are indeed securely bound and totally at his mercy. This honestly scared me in the beginning. The whole idea that once you are bound you are putting your trust in someone saying hurt me but not to much. Slow and steady was Daddy's motto though. The first few times we did any kind of bondage he made it so I could self release if i panicked. The trust building exercise was very successful if I do say so myself because now I look forward to these times with excitement. 

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