Monday, November 21, 2011

Tie me up Tuesday is this becoming a theme?

So its Friday. I know you all are looking and going put down the drugs woman its Monday lol. We call this our weekend as i work all weekend. The kids are home and you know what that means. Nothing fun is going to happen lol. Sometimes you need to make a little noise right. 

We actually have a little hide away we sneak off to when kids are home and we need a little us time. The problem now is its getting to cold to sneak out and enjoy each others company. Pouts a little at the thought of bringing all our play things back into the house for the long cold winter. Now Daddy, if sets his mind to it, will come up with an alternative. Waits with bated breath, because I need this time alone with Daddy. Bring on tie me up Tuesday its been a long ass week. 

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